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Today, it's a pleasure for me to announce that I will collaborate as a freelance writer with the English blog of the Style Sharing Network You can find my articles and other interesting opinions, news, photos, etc. at Avenue, the English blog, and also at its Facebook page.

I'm really excited about this new collaboration!! I hope you like it too and follow the new updates! As a sample, I show you here my first article (you can also read it here).

Don’t use it anymore? Don’t throw it away!

by Gemma Vidal
Open your closet. It’s full of clothes, right? Now, how many of those pieces will still be there in a year? Or even the next season? Not all of them, right? Why?
We aren’t fools. When we buy a piece of clothing we know exactly how long it will last and how many times we will wear it. We learn to differentiate fabrics and to appreciate the quality of clothes.
Not everything expensive is better and not everything cheap is a waste of money. In my case, I value the price of the garment mainly depending on the timelessness of it and how many times I will use it. I don’t mind paying more if it’s something that I can combine in many ways, it’s different and special, and it won’t go out of style. However, I prefer to pay less or even not to buy when it comes to getting a new fashion item I’m not sure about, so to avoid wasting my money in trying a new style that I don’t know how long it will be fashionable.
I love fashion and clothes but, except for some occasional quirk, I’m quite reasonable at the time of purchase. Before buying a new item, I think twice. I can spend an afternoon at the mall and go back home without having spent a cent, causing the exasperation of the person that comes with me. That’s why sometimes, although I really appreciate a second opinion, when it comes to buying clothes I prefer to go alone.
And then sometimes there are clothes which are neither cheap nor good quality and I get them anyway, I just don’t care. I know this may sound a little frivolous, but although I might get expensive items sometimes, I’m not the kind of person that, after a while, gets tired of clothes, although still in good condition, just because no longer wants to wear them and “needs” new clothes. Actually, when I feel that I don’t like a garment I don’t throw it away. First, I ask my sisters if they want it, otherwise I think if there is any way I can turn it into something else by cutting, adding, ripping, fading, etc. If not, I think whether it’s useful as sportswear or stay-home outfit. And if at this point I decide that I don’t want it, I donate it to charity.
Reusing clothes is a good practice. Flea markets, for example, are great places for both trading things you don’t use and renewing your closet. There are many of these initiatives in big cities but you can also organize one with your friends or family and set the rules for it. Ask them to just bring things they don’t want so that they can swap them for “new” items, or simply make it about selling used clothes at discounted prices. In the end, what this is all about is having a good time with like-minded people who love fashion. 

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