Collaborative street photography wall news

A few days ago, some of my pictures were exhibited in a collaborative street photography wall during the "Artscape", an art festival in Baltimore (U.S.A.). You can find more info in my previous post (here).

The wall was a huge success on its first day! Unfortunately a storm blew through Baltimore and severely compromised the stability of the wall turning it into a safety issue with no recourse, but to dismantle it before the next expected storm could do more damage.  They did manage to improve a bad situation by engaging the artist Stefan Ways, who spray painted a partial interactive mural overtop of the photos with a “constructive rebuilding” theme after a storm. So, even despite all the bad weather consequences  it was a huge success the rest of the days too!

One of the organizers posted some pictures on her Flickr and I couldn't wait to share with you the ones were my name or my pictures appear! 




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